Laws and Policies

Since its establishment, the Human Rights Directorate has placed great importance on the legislative aspect, both through the introduction of new laws as well as amendments to strengthen existing laws. Following the introduction of the Civil Union Act (CAP 530) and the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act (Cap 540) in 2014 and 2015 respectively, areas related to human rights and equality were passed on to the Directorate. 

Legislations to date

Policy Initiatives
  • The introduction of gender-neutral toilets across all government departments
  • The adoption of a Trans, Gender Variant, and Intersex Inmates Policy
  • The introduction of an X Marker on ID Cards and Passports
  • The setting up of the Consultative Council for Women’s Rights
  • The setting up of a Gender Mainstreaming Unit within the Directorate
  • ​The launch of a national Anti-Racism Strategy (2021-2023)

Other Publications

Cohabitation Law
(Cohabitation Act, 2017 has been superseded by Cohabitation Act, 2020)