Project Activities and Events

 ​​Ki​ckoff Meeting
The Kickoff Meeting of the project took place on Wednesday 27th November 2019, whereby project partners discussed the way forward for the deliverables of the project, including the logistics for the training sessions and exchange visits.

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​ Launch Event

The launch of the project was successfully held on Monday 26th of October at Auberge d’Aragon in Valletta, where the Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance, Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis and Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms, Hon. Rosianne Cutajar addressed the attendees. Dr. Mario J Cachia, addressed the event on behalf of the Ministry for Health. Other speakers included Acting Director of the Human Rights Directorate Mr. Michael Camilleri and Head of SOGIGESC Unit  Ms. Gabriella Calleja.

Dr Mario Cachia, lead clinician of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic, said that support in addressing the health care needs of LGBTIQ persons was required from all healthcare providers. This project was therefore important in that it would be providing training to nurses, emergency doctors and frontline staff.

During the conference, the Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms, Hon. Rosianne Cutajar said that we depend on health services for our wellbeing which is why it is so important that our experience in accessing them is a positive one where we feel seen, heard and understood and where our identities do not give rise to additional challenges and increase stress or anxiety. However, even knowing that LGBTIQ are entitled to equal treatment, they may still experience challenges when accessing the health sector. 

This project stems from the Government’s commitment to ensure equal treatment of LGBTIQ persons in all spheres of life. The Parliamentary Secretary concluded by saying that equality is and will always be at the top of this Government’s agenda with the aim to achieve a more equal Malta.

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Edward Zammit Lewis said that this project is part of this Government’s holistic approach towards its commitment in ensuring that the rights of LGBTIQ persons are protected. This project builds on previous EU funded projects such as the Health4LGBTI pilot project of the European Parliament – Making use of our own expertise in this field wherever possible, such as in the training of customer care and reception staff as well as nursing and other health practitioners.

He continued by saying that everyone deserves the right for adequate access to health services whilst reiterating the Government’s commitment in protecting the rights of all LGBTIQ+ persons.

The project has several foreign and international partners, and as such, they were expected to take part in this event physically. Unfortunately, because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, they could not be present physically at the event.

Training of General Practitioners and Family Doctors

The training session with general practitioners and family doctors was successfully held on Thursday 29th of October, hosted and moderated by the Malta College of Family Doctors, via a virtual platform. The training session was two and a half hours long and included an introduction regarding the services offered in Malta by the Gender Wellbeing Clinic, followed by an exchange of best practices by experts from Ghent University Hospital. A Q&A was held at the end of the session. 

The session was promoted through several mediums – through the Malta College of Family Doctors where an e-mail invite was sent to all its members as well as through the Malta Foundation School – Post-Graduate Medical Training Centre. 

The session (like all sessions held) was recorded and uploaded on a specific medical-based learning platform for a limited time period. As such, the video is expected to reach several practitioners that were not available to attend the online session .

Training of Emergency Personnel in Malta and Gozo

The training sessions for the Accident & Emergency personnel in Malta were successfully held on Monday 26th October and Wednesday 29th October in collaboration with the Ministry for Health. The sessions in Gozo organised in collaboration with Steward Health Care, took place in the morning and afternoon of Tuesday 27th of October. 

Four separate training sessions were held in order to limit disruption to service provision.These took place virtually and in Gozo were also enabled through video conferencing equipment purchased through the project. 

The training sessions were eah two hours long reaching … (number) health practitioners and included an introductory video regarding the services offered in Malta by the Gender Wellbeing Clinic, followed by an exchange of best practices by experts from Ghent University Hospital. A Q&A was held at the end to answer any questions that arose during the session. 

This session’s attendance was mandatory. An evaluation form was filled in at the end of the training.

Sharing of good practices between Ghent University Hospital and the Gender Wellbeing Clinic.

A roundtable discussion was successfully held on Monday 26th of October 2020. The session was attended by the multi-disciplinary team of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic in Malta and virtual attendance of experts from Ghent University Hospital.

Following introductions, the participants enjoyed an open discussion where several issues were raised. The Gender Clinic of the Belgian counterparts has been operating for over 30 years, and thus the experts could provide a better insight of the care path and service provision currently available in the Flemish region. The Maltese participants were able to raise a number of issues and concerns encountered in the first two years of service provision. 

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