Awareness Raising Campaigns

Posters and stickers in health care settings

The Transform Project also aimed at signposting health service providers and health care settings as safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTIQ patients. This included the design, printing and dissemination of posters and stickers in healthcare centres and other health care settings around Malta and Gozo.

The campaign material includes two poster designs in Maltese and English, one promoting the services of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic and the other a poster stating ‘This is a safe and inclusive space for LGBTIQ persons and their families’ using the rainbow and trans flag colours indicating that the health care settings are LGBTIQ inclusive. 

Artworks in Maltese and Engtlish can be accessed:

Five stickers with both Maltese and English versions were also developed and disseminated. 

Artworks in Maltese and Engtlish can be accessed:

Both the posters and stickers were distributed in a range of health care settings including hospitals, health centres, clinics and pharmacies among others.

Awareness campaign targeted at the LGBTIQ community on three main health areas

The TRANSFORM Project also aimed to raise awareness among LGBTIQ persons on a number of health risks experienced by this cohort and disseminate information about existing health services targeting the LGBTIQ community and how to access them.

Three main areas focused on in the project related to sexual health; mental health and the services of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic. All campaign resources were developed by the SOGIGESC Unit in consultation with the partners as well as a number of LGBTIQ NGO’s ensuring the right messaging. The awareness campaign included:

A leaflet campaign disseminated mainly through health care settings such as hospitals, health centres, clinics and pharmacies. Three leaflets were developed in Maltese and English. In order to facilitate display of the leaflets, a leaflet holder was also provided, which apart from its display function also served to increase visibility of the project. The three leaflets can be accessed:

A number of social media banners were also developed to accompany the leaflets, reflecting the same three themes and were widely disseminated on facebook; Instagram; Twitter and Grindr in December 2021 and January 2022. 

The awareness campaign also included the development of three accompanying video animations in Maltese with English sub-titles which reflected the same three themes of sexual health; mental health and the services of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic. The characters in the three animations were interlinked such that they created an ongoing story line and even though each individual animation was a story in itself, they formed part of an interconnected series. The animated videos were promoted through a major news channel with an accompanying article and boosted extensively on social media platforms. 

The animations can be viewed on the youtube channel of the Human Rights Directorate:

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