Promotion of LGBTIQ equality on an international level

International Solidarity
On several occasions, the Directorate was requested by the UN, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and from various governments to offer its services in helping other countries advance their human rights framework and policy.
The Permanent Representation of Malta in New York accompanied Minister Helena Dalli and the Maltese delegation in their contribution to the UN Side Event on Trans and Gender non-Conforming People and Access to Public Services. The Embassy of Malta in Tunisia welcomed LGBTIQ activists and organised a meeting between a representative of the Tunisian Association for Justice and Equality (Damj) and Minister Helena Dalli during one of her visits to the country. They both discussed opportunities for collaboration and exchange of good practices.
Conversion Practices
With the assistance from the SOGIGESC Unit, Malta’s Ambassador to Berlin participated in a discussion aimed at raising awareness on the dangers of conversion practices. Malta was invited in light of the exemplary manner in has implemented its legislation. Since then Germany has moved forward in the legislative process and a ban on conversion practices on minors being adopted in May 2020. In 2020, the Head of the HRID’s Legal Team participated in a round table in the USA organised by the UN SOGI Independent Expert Victor Madrigal Borloz, which also focused on efforts to combat conversion practices. The Head of the SOGIGESC Unit also presented Malta’s legislative framework in a conference held in Berlin as well as during the ILGA-Europe Conference in Prague in 2019.
Hosting of Study Visits
The SOGIGESC Unit has hosted several exchange visits to discuss good practices. Primarily:
  • A study visit of the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) officials from Montenegro which focused on policy and legislation related to gender identity and gender expression and recognition of same-sex couples;
  • The reception of a two-day visit from the South African Dialogue with the European Union funded from the External Action Service of the EU in August 2019. It was designed to share good practices between Malta and South Africa.
  • A study visit by a delegation from North Macedonia which primarily focused on legal gender recognition, and other themes related gender identity and expression.
  • A study visit by the UK Government Equalities Office to gain a better understanding of Malta’s Legal Gender Recognition framework.
​Sharing of good practices
The HRID has the task of sharing the best human rights practices at a regional and international level, to cooperate with other states or intergovernmental organizations and to widely address discrimination. These included:
  • A Webinar on legal gender recognition coordinated by the SOGI Unit within the Council of Europe to share good practices on the topic;
  • The participation, in 2019, of Minister Helena Dalli in several conferences on Human Rights and LGBTIQ equality, including in Vilnius, Vienna and Madrid during Baltic Pride, Europride and Madrid Pride respectively. Two representatives from HRID also participated in the IDAHOT conference in Oslo while the SOGIGESC Unit regularly participated in meetings of the Government LGBTI Focal Point Network.
  • Participation by the head of the SOGIGESC Unit in a Roundtable discussion organised by the Council of Europe’s SOGI Unit in Lithuania in December 2019 to share best practices on legal gender recognition.