Other LGBTIQ measures

On IDAHOT 2019, the Directorate together with the Office of the Prime Minister held a ceremony aimed at recognizing the efforts by civil society on the road to equality in Malta.
Starting in Pride Week of 2019 and followed every year since then, the SOGIGESC Unit organized its Annual Conference, which outlined the efforts undertaken by the unit in reaching the goals set by the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy and Action Plan. The Conference also held two main panels, tackling different topics related to the LGBTIQ community every year. More information on each annual conference can be accessed from the respective heading.

In collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department for Gender and Sexualities and Europe Direct together with the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement, the SOGIGESC Unit published the proceedings of two research symposiums, presenting studies carried out in Malta relating to LGBTIQ topics. The Mapping the Rainbow Publications can be accessed here.

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