Right to Health

The opening and functioning of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic.
Conditions related to gender identity and sex characteristics are eligible for free treatment as part of the national health services following there inclusion in Schedule V of the Social Security Act in 2018. The clinic started offering its services in November 2018 with the official opening of the Gender Wellbeing Clinic in January 2019 By the end the year, it had already welcomed over 150 patients requiring various services.
Services offered by the clinic’s multi-disciplinary team range from prescriptions for free hormone treatment, assessments for those seeking surgical interventions, psychosocial support services, family therapy and voice therapy.
HIV Testing, Prevention and Treatment.
In 2018 several pharmacies began stocking HIV self-testing kits. In 2019, a number of pharmacies also began offering Pre-Exposure Prophylaxes better known as PrEP at a cost of around €55 a month. A new pharmaceutical regimen for HIV has also been announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and should be available in the near future.
In 2018 the SOGIGESC Unit submitted a REC project funding application to address inequalities faced by LGBTIQ persons when accessing health care. The project will be rolled out over the next 2 years. Further information can be found here.