Freedom from Hatred

Police Training on Hate Crimes
In 2018 the OSCE Office for Democratisation and Human Rights delivered the Training Against Hate Crimes for Law Enforcement (TAHCLE) to a number of police officers. Since then, these trained officers have been engaged in training new recruits and police officers in how to respond to situations where victims allege hate speech or hate crimes against them.

The SOGIGESC Unit has also been involved in delivering a three-hour training session to new police recruits, touching on terminology, legal context and how to respond to reports of hate speech/crime on LGBTIQ persons.

Through these two initiatives a total of 1169 police recruit and officers have been trained since the launch of the Strategy and Action Plan in September 2018 till September 2021.
Police Reporting System
In January 2018 the Police Reporting System was amended to better capture hate crime incidents. The police also set up the Hate Crimes Unit within the Victim Support Agency to better support victims of hate crime.