Equality and freedom from discrimination

Blood Donation
The National Blood Transfusion Service within the National Health Service adopted an improved screening system which greatly diminishes the window period during which newly contracted viruses may go undetected. As of September 2019, the blood donor policy for men who have sex with men was revised from a lifetime to a one year deferral.
Older LGBTIQ Persons
During 2019, discussions with the Department for Active Aging and Community Care, led to two training sessions with employees in managerial positions. The sessions dealt with how to be more aware that LGBTIQ people are present in all spheres of life and how to interact with them.
The success of these sessions led to communication with St Vincent de Paule and the private sector. Various private residences for the elderly run by Care Malta have undertaken training which was attended by both management and staff, while ongoing sessions are being held at St Vincent de Paule with nurses and care workers.
EU Roadmap to Advance LGBTIQ Equality
The SOGIGESC Unit worked with Malta’s Permanent Representation in Brussels to garner support for a non-paper advocating for an EU roadmap to advance LGBTI equality. This garnered the support of 19 member states and was presented on the 6th of December 2018. 

Launch of the Maltese Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex, Sexuality and Gender

On the 3rd of November 2021, the SOGIGESC Unit launched a set of guidelines targeted at all government departments and agencies on the collection, use and amendment of name and/or gendered information or gendered terminology in individual personal records or when communicating with service users. These guidelines, that implement measure 1.3 of the Action Plan will also serve as support to the Government’s previous and ongoing efforts in legal protections against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. 

The guidelines are available in both English and Maltese. This document was successfully launched during a press-conference addressed by the Head of the SOGIGESC Unit, a representative of the Institute for the Public Service (IPS), which is also a collaborator on this initiative and the Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation, Hon Dr  Owen Bonnici. Following these guidelines plans include a collaboration between HRD and the IPS for training of public administration officials which will be rolled out as from January 2022.

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