Right to Education

Training for teachers and professionals in educational institutions

The SOGIGESC Unit participated in the delivery of a two-day training seminar coordinated by the Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society and MGRM and attended by the psychosocial service teams of different church schools. 

The SOGIGESC Unit delivered training to PSCD teachers working in all state-run primary, middle and secondary schools. The training was also available to teachers working in church and independent schools. The latest round of training provided in January and February 2022 also included teachers of Social Studies, European Studies and Ethics.
Pilot project in two state-middle schools

A series of meetings with the Directors for Curriculum, Lifelong Learning and Employability and for Educational Services led to an agreement for piloting an intra-curricular program with two middle schools. July 2019 saw the start of a series of meetings with Educational Officers of six selected topics and the heads of both schools, to start discussing the technicalities of the project.

The Pilot had to be indefinitely postponed due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Resources that had been developed were still shared with educators and uploaded online for student use.
7th ELT Malta Conference 

The Ministry for European Affairs and Equality sponsored the pre-conference event organised by the ELT Association held in October 2018. The one-day pre-conference event focused on LGBTIQ perspectives in English Language Teaching.


Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ Programme

Through the Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ Programme, the National Literacy Agency has procured a number of books in both Maltese and English, intended for different academic levels. The books promote diversity and LGBTIQ inclusion and were disseminated in classroom libraries.