SOGIGESC Unit Annual Conference 2019

​​SOGIGESC towards 100.png

The SOGIGESC Unit first Annual Conference was held on the 13th of September 2019. The theme chosen for the conference was “Towards 100% - Advancing LGBTIQ Equality Nationally and Globally.

The conference was divided into four parts:
  • The LGBTIQ Equality Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2022 - Annual Report September 2018 – September 2019 was presented by the Head of the SOGIGESC Unit. It outlines all the work carried out by the Unit in advancing LGBTIQ equality in the first year since the launch of the national strategy.
  • A first panel focused on the efforts to mainstream LGBTIQ equality nationally. The panel was chaired by Dr. Marceline Naudi.
  • A keynote speech by Tony Briffa, an Australian intersex activist of Maltese descent.
  • A second panel focused on Malta’s efforts in promoting best practices in Europe and globally. The panel was chaired by Dr. Mark Harwood.