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The SOGIGESC Unit has been successfully involved in facilitating training sessions with multiple entities. The Unit assists both management and staff in both the public and private sector, in assessing their inclusion practices to better address the needs of LGBTIQ persons.
The Unit has been involved in training on the below topics:
  • Introduction to LGBTIQ terminology and key concepts;
  • LGBTIQ Inclusive policies and practices at the workplace;
  • Catering for the needs of LGBTIQ customers or service users;
  • Catering for the needs of LGBTIQ elderly in health care settings;
  • Catering for the needs of LGBTIQ patients in health care services;
  • Understanding the needs of LGBTIQ asylum seekers;
  • LGBTIQ Inclusive practices in education;
  • LGBTIQ equality legal and policy framework.

Training can be adapted to a range of settings and customised to address particular sectors. A participatory approach is adopted in training.
Contact us if you would like to enquire more information on training sessions offered by the Unit, or if you’d like to have the Unit address a session for your company employees.

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