Through a round of three training sessions, the project partners (aditus foundation, European Network against Racism, European Network on Religion & Belief) provide participants an overview of Maltese and European equality legislation, advocacy training as well as reporting cases of discrimination to the Equality Body.

The first training session focuses on Maltese equality legislation, mainly the two Equality Bills (which are currently before Parliament). Once adopted, the Equality Bill will serve as the general equality law in Malta while the Human Rights & Equality Commission Bill will set up the Human Rights & Equality Commission, replacing the existing National Commission for the Promotion of Equality. The Commission will have wider functions and power to promote equality and combat discrimination.

During the second training session, participants are provided information on European Union law, namely the Racial Equality Directive and the Framework Employment Directive. Both EU Directives lay down a framework for combatting discrimination with a view to putting into effect, in EU Member States, the principle of equal treatment. Participants also hold discussions on key concepts, namely racism, structural racism, institutional racism and intersectionality.

The third training session focuses on advocacy training, which is a strategic process to influence the policies, practices and attitudes that affect people’s lives. Advocacy includes, amongst others, research, reports, lobbying, seminars and conferences, engaging with the media, networking, policymaking and litigation. During this session, participants become acquainted with the role of communities and organisations in litigation or complaints to Equality Bodies.

The first and second round of training sessions were held in April and September 2021. The third round of training sessions will be held virtually in February 2022.​