1) The Current context of Integration in Malta

The issue of Integration in Malta remains one of the most current and widely debated topics – given the change in demographics witnessed throughout the last few decades.

Owing to the process of Europeanisation coupled with the economic successes of the last years, individuals of different ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs and from all walks of life have contributed to the successes of our nation and continue to enrich us with their diverse backgrounds and unique stories.

Because of these sustained diversities, the need for tangible integration measures have been identified as forming part of the necessary cultural change that is needed for us to ensure that migrants who arrive at our shore - by whichever path - can find a haven in which to build their lives and access the dignities and human rights that every person should enjoy irrespective of where they come from.

It must also be outlined that integration is a two-sided process and can only be considered a success when all stakeholders are involved.

2) The Project

Learning Exchanging and Integrating (LEI) – is a project co-financed primarily through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for 2014-2020 entrusted to the Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit within the Human Rights Directorate

The project forms part of the attainment of targets as set out through government’s Migration Integration Strategy & Action Plan (Vision 2020).

Main Objectives

The main objectives of this project were to:
  • Provide support in terms of the implementation of the national migrant integration strategy and action plan
  • Evaluate and present recommendations on services and facilities that are publicly available for migrants
  • Foster a spirit of mutual cooperation and a spirit of good faith between migrant-led communities and the host country through various initiatives.

Project Activities

The following Initiatives are currently funded through the project, including:

  • I Belong: The programme is made up of two stages, which cater for Maltese, English and cultural orientation classes which provides a pathway for integration into Maltese society open to all migrants.

  • Turning the Tables: A migrant-led initiative which looks at important issues related to integration leading ultimately to a change in policy. Topics related to education, employment and political rights are among the issues discussed in this forum. This project sees integration as a joint collaborative endeavour between the newcomers to a particular society, and the host country – in this case, Malta. To this end, the project’s objective is to foster a sense of empowerment and belonging of migrants in our society.

  • Migrant Integration Information Sessions (MIIS): The following initiative sets up different information sessions that migrants could avail of on topics that are proposed by themselves. Per topic, the Intercultural and Anti-Racism unit will gather experts, speakers and stakeholders to participate in this initiative. The objective is to educate while creating a safe space for the exchange of ideas.

  • Diploma in Education for Cultural Mediation: This course, which began to be delivered by the University of Malta in 2021, trains professionals in facilitating harmonious relations between migrants and citizens in the host country, promoting mutual exchange of knowledge and the establishment of positive relations between individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnic origins.

Project Value and Timeframe
  • Project value: €2,029,307.18
  • Project timeframe: 1st March 2019 – 31st December 2022 (extended due to pandemic)