I BELONG Courses

The Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit is Malta’s entry point to migrant integration. The Unit seeks to assist all persons of migrant background residing in Malta on their individual path to integration.

As part of the Migrant Integration Strategy & Action Plan (Vision 2020), the 'I Belong​’ Programme aims to provide a holistic approach to integration. The first step in this direction would be through the knowledge of the country’s official languages and cultural awareness.

Together with MCAST and University of Malta, the Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit offers Maltese and English language and Cultural Orientation courses at two stages. The language courses focus on daily use to facilitate a person’s integration into society. The cultural orientation covers the social, cultural, economic, and historical aspects of Malta and the constitution, law and democratic values. All courses are free of charge​.

What is included in the Stages?

The courses are offered in two stages:

- Stage 1: Pre-Integration Certificate with a total of 60 hours,
- Stage 2: Integration Certificate with a total of 170 hours

Stage 1: Pre-Integration Certificate

Stage 1 consists of the following courses to be delivered by MCAST in Mosta or Paola:

1. Maltese language for integration (MQF Level 1) - 20 hours
2. English language for integration (MQF Level 1) - 20 hours
3. Cultural orientation* (MQF Level 1) – 20 hours

Each course requires 80% attendance and 50% pass mark in order to receive a certificate.

After receiving the Stage 1 certificate, applicants may progress to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Integration Certificate

Stage 2, which is one of the requirements for Long-Term Residence Status for Third Country Nationals, contains the following courses delivered by the University Malta at Junior College, Msida:

1. Maltese language for integration (MQF Level 2) - 50 hours
2. Cultural orientation (MQF Level 2) - 120 hours

A 65% pass mark is required to receive the Maltese Language for Integration. 80% attendance and 75% pass mark is required in order to receive the Cultural Orientation Certificate.

Applicants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the courses. 

WHAT IS The Process?

1. Submit Application Stage

You can apply for the ‘I Belong Courses’ by visiting us at our offices in Paola or via online application form.

Stage 1 - Pre-Integration Certificate Online Application Form​
Stage 2 - Integration Certificate Online Application Form​

2. Registration of Integration Application Form

The Integration Officers will confirm the receipt of your Application Form and will inform you of your File Number.

3. Integration Request Meeting

An Integration Officer will contact you for a one-to-one meeting to draw up your Personal Integration Plan.

4. Implementation of Personal Integration Plan

The Personal Integration Plan can include:​

​- Attendance of Stage 1 Courses
- Continuation to Stage 2 Courses
- Specialised assistance

5. Way Forward

- ​After receiving the Stage 1 Pre-Integration​ Certificate you can register for the Stage 2 Integration Certificate.​
- Successful completion of the Stage 2 Integration Certificate counts as one of the requirements for Long-Term Status in Malta.

If you require any further assistance from the Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit, feel free to contact us here​- This project is part-financed by the European Union - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020. Responsible Authority eufunds.gov.mt​.​