First Step: Pre-Departure Integration Measures (PDIMs) in Malta

​The project entitled ‘First Step: Pre-Departure Integration Measures (PDIMs) in Malta’, requested support for the design and development of a national system for measures of pre-departure integration, which will also be included as a deliverable in the new Integration Strategy and Action Plan. This system optimizes the integration of migrants into Maltese society by enabling them to start integration pre departure and obtain important information on rights, obligations and opportunities in Malta. As such, the action will contribute to ease the process of labour migration and will provide the migrant population with critical information about Malta and help identify the skills and attitudes needed to successfully integrate. Therefore the project aims to enable migrants to fully use their competencies and skills, become an asset to the country, and prevent labour exploitation.

To do so, the project will achieve two main Outcomes:

Outcome 1: All relevant stakeholders have a better understanding of the needs and resources necessary to ensure the foundations for sustainable PDIMs

Outcome 2: Maltese authorities have a clear understanding of the support required for the implementation of tailormade PDIMs. 

Main outputs and activities:

  • Mapping report describing the state of PDIMs available in the Maltese context and identifying best practices at EU level;
  • Comparative analysis containing recommendations for PDIMs based on the mapping and transnational exchange;
  • Transnational study visit for Maltese stakeholders to familiarize with good practices;
  • Technical Expert Pool (TEP) made up of key stakeholders to contribute to provide feedback on the design, the structure and tools of an E-Government PDIMs platform.

This project is funded by the European Union, via the Technical Support Instrument, and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the Human Rights Directorate (HRD) and the Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM).