Confronting Racism and Advancing Intercultural Inclusion

Measures 6 to 12 aim at ensuring the mainstreaming of anti-racism and intercultural inclusion across all policy fields in the public sector but also in the private sector. Measure 6 entrusts each Ministry, supported by the equality body and HRD with the adoption of intra-ministerial anti-racism action plans to confront racism and achieve intercultural inclusion across the board. These plans are to include measures establishing a framework for dialogue and cooperation with civil society as well as providing for training of public officers. Measures 7 to 10 and 12 identify priority Ministries in this regard: MEDS, MSA, MFH, MFE and MHSE.

Measure 11, as part of the whole-of-society approach, plans for the adoption of a national anti-racism and intercultural pact among social partners. The Pact aims at defining institutional competence for anti-racism and intercultural inclusion in recruitment and employment in the private sector. Recruitment and employment in the public service and public sector are also key points in the whole-of-Government approach.