Media and Campaigns

20th November 2021 – International Children’s Day

Interview on Ta’ Filghodu TV programme on TVM

Children are humans with rights. They are vulnerable and the State is obliged to safeguard their interests by giving them paramount consideration in decision making processes.   

The Maltese Governmen​t has been addressing its positive obligations by introducing provisions into domestic law which safeguard the interests of minors. The rights of the child must be integrated into the Maltese legal Framework as a whole. The Senior Manager Dr Lynn Chircop Faure continues to be the voice of children as she advocates in the best interests of Children and for the introduction of mechanisms that effectively protect children in Malta and Europe during a TV morning show ‘Ta’ Filghodu’ following Children’s Day.

10th December 2021  Human Rights Day

Interview on Għaddi s’hawn TV programme on TVM

Dr Lynn Chircop Faure explains how the international organisations were established to safeguard the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual during a TV programme ‘Għaddi s’hawn’ hosted by Antonella Vassallo. 

It is the right of all humans to be protected. States around the world have agreed upon the ways and means to guarantee the protection of their fellow humans. It is an obligation enshrined in Maltese Constitution and the Institutions established by law to ensure the protection of fundamental human rights.

Senior Manager Dr Lynn Chircop Faure and Police Assistant Commissioner Dennis Theuma teamed up on the International Day for Human Rights to raise aw​areness on the services available to victims of crime and the mechanisms envisaged by the Maltese Government to prevent criminal activity, protect every human being, prosecute effectively any suspected violators of the law and enter into partnerships with institutions working in concert to meet Malta's positive obligations.