Supporting Malta in the design and implementation of a new anti-trafficking strategy (2022-2024) EU Funded Project

The Directorate has been awarded assistance through the Technical Support Instrument of the European Union – a project funded by the European Commission’s DG Reform in collaboration with the Council of Europe. Through this project an expert shall be assigned to Malta to support in the drafting of the National Strategy and Action Plan (post 2023). The project activities shall include a thorough study of past and ongoing consultative processes, in-depth needs-analysis whilst taking into account obligations and current recommendations, further consultation with stakeholders and civil society, and a detailed implementation plan feeding into the actual Strategy.
This Joint Project is being implemented by the Council of Europe Anti-Trafficking Division in co-operation with the European Commission, and is co-funded by the European Union via the Technical Support Instrument (TSI). This project is managed by the Human Rights Directorate and shall offer the technical support for the preparation of the new national anti-trafficking strategy and action plan.