National Statistics - Victims of Human Trafficking in Malta

​On 24th January 2024, Eurostat published the 2022 statistics on trafficking in human beings in the EU.

In 2022, Malta reported 22 victims of human trafficking, 5 of which were identified by the Malta Police Force, and 6 suspected persons.

The number of registered victims of trafficking in human beings in the EU was 10,093 while 8,064 were suspected persons and 2,097 persons were convicted the crime of trafficking in human beings.

Eurostat 2022 THB Data​

On 9 February 2023, EUROSTAT published the 2021 statistics for victims of trafficking in human beings identified in Malta.

This consisted of four (4) identified female victims of human exploitation from Non-EU Countries for labour, sexual & other purposes.

The data was collected by Crime Statistics Unit within the National Statistics Office and published by Eurostat.

European Sources for more information and details: 

Agenzija Appogg Yearly Statistical Report January to December 2021 is available here.​