National Awareness Raising

Human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation refers to persons recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received for slavery, forced or compulsory labour or services, servitude, forced criminality, sexual services or the removal of organs.

These workers suffer threats or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception and abuse of power. They find themselves in a position of vulnerability in which they are expected to give or receive payments or benefits under the control of another person.

Situations in which persons are forced to work for little or no wages for the profit of others under threat of punishment must be reported!

Crime Stop Hotline: 119 | Support Line: 179

Report Abuse:

Report Working Conditions: 1575 or​

The Campaign included a series of designs for Billboards and Bus Shelters installed around Malta & Gozo focusing on the National effort to PROTECT victims and PROSECUTE human trafficking and raising awareness among the public at large about the need to PREVENT & REPORT the crime of human trafficking.


The Human Rights Initiatives Unit is leading the initiatives as the national coordinating body. We invite you to follow our social media pages on facebook and Instagram. 

The national stakeholders participating in this initiative are:

The Malta Police Force
The Foundation for Social Welfare Services
The Malta Council for Voluntary Sector
The Department for Industrial and Employment Relations
The Victim Support Agency
The Legal Aid Agency
The Malta Employers Association
The Public Broadcasting Services
The National Statistics Office
Identity Malta
Sexual Health Malta
Primary Health Care

National Awareness Campaign to combat Human Trafficking coordinated by the Human Rights Initiatives Unit.

Slavery in Malta was abolished in 1798. However, victims of human trafficking and modern slavery are still exploited and deprived of human dignity.

The Human Rights Initiatives Unit (HRIU) has launched an awareness raising initiative to strengthen the consciousness of the public on what constitutes the crime of human trafficking, and to ensure that the public is knowledgeable of the indicators of trafficking.

This campaign aims to encourage the public not to remain passive in front of these realities, and to report suspicious criminal activity on the CRIME STOP number 119 to help ensure the protection of victims of human trafficking.

What is Human Trafficking?

The terms 'human trafficking'  and 'modern slavery' both refer to the crime of exploitation where persons, through force, coercion, threat and deception perform work or other activities against their will for the profit of others.

Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights, including:

​The right to liberty and security
The right to be free from cruel or inhumane treatment
The right to freedom of movement
The right to life