National Action Plan on Human Trafficking (2020-2023)

​The National Action Plan on Human Trafficking (2020-2023) is Malta’s sixth national action plan to combat human trafficking and is in line with Malta’s, the EU’s and other international obligations in the field. The actions seek to address the major aspects of the fight against human trafficking with a particular focus on awareness and prevention, although efforts in other spheres, including prosecution, are also pursued by the entities concerned. 

The National Action Plan seeks to reform the sector by taking measures complementary to those initiated by the then Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes and has been launched by the then Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security. Since then, the current National Action Plan as well as efforts for the upcoming National Strategy and Action Plan have been transferred to the Human Rights Directorate under the Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality. The Human Rights Initiatives Unit is the unit responsible for the human trafficking deliverables.

The National Action Plan​​ consists of actions in the areas of Coordination, Awareness and Prevention, and Evaluation and Monitoring.

View the latest state of implementation here​ [updated 11.10.2023].