EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2023

On 13th October 2023, an online workshop was held regarding the preliminary draft assessment report on 'Partnerships’. Maltese Stakeholders were encouraged to attend this session as part of the Joint Project on “Supporting Malta in the design and implementation of a new national Anti-Trafficking Strategy". The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Technical Support Instrument, and implemented by the Council of Europe, in cooperation with the European Commission. During this workshop, the role of the National Coordinator and National Rapporteur were outlined in the local context. Discussions were also held on international cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of traffickers, preventing and combating human trafficking as well as protecting, assisting, and repatriating victims. Presentations were given by the Malta Police Force, the FIAU and the AG Office. On an EU level, Malta is committed to exchange information on THB investigations among police forces through Interpol, Europol, Eurojust and the SIRENE systems. Support can be further offered by the ten EU agencies who signed the joint statement of commitment to work together against trafficking in human beings in 2018.

The GRETA roundtable took place on 10th October 2023, and the Anti-Human Trafficking Inter-Ministerial Committee was invited to contribute and actively participate during this meeting, in which the targeted proposals for the revised EU Directive were also discussed. During this meeting, a Draft Report on Legislative Amendments to address the urgent recommendations to Malta by the Council of Europe (GRETA)/Anti-Trafficking Division & the Targeted Proposal for the revision of the 2011/36/EU Directive on Preventing and Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting its Victims was presented to the COE experts.

As part of EU Anti-Trafficking Day awareness raising, HRD Senior Manager participated in the radio-programme Kartolina during Morning Mix, presented by Alfred Zammit, on 9th October 2023. The discussion was based on rights and freedoms of human beings including the protection of fundamental rights in Maltese law, the concept of modern slavery and the importance of awareness campaigns as a preventive means for the trafficking of human beings.

On EU Anti-Trafficking Day, we are reminded of our collective mission to break the invisible chains of human trafficking. In a world where we are stronger together, EU Anti-Trafficking Day encourages us to raise our voices, prosecute perpetrators and protect victims. United we can work together to put an end to the trafficking of human beings.​

End human trafficking. Break the invisible chain.

What can you do?

  • recognise the signs that somebody might be a victim of human trafficking;
  • be careful not to use the services of trafficked people;
  • report a suspected case of human trafficking;
  • provide immediate support to the victims themselves.

If you think that you o​r someone you know may be a victim of human trafficking, you are urged to contact the authorities.

📞 Crime Stop Hotline: 119 |📞 Support Line: 179 | 📞Report Working Conditions: 1575
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