Trafficking in human beings is a complex, multi-faceted crime that gravely violates of human rights, and affects many countries, including Malta. The crime intersects with a number of issues, including migration, economic hardship, fundamental rights, rule of law, law enforcement and crime control, inequality and discrimination, among others.

The Unit collaborates closely with a number of entities from different Ministries to ensure a holistic anti-trafficking strategy to its intersectional features.

Malta also collaborates extensively with European and international organisations to advance global cooperation, share best practices, and uphold its commitments under applicable laws.


The HRIU closely collaborates with the relevant Programme Development and Programme Implementation (PDPI) offices and associated entities as part of its national and international efforts to coordinate actions and measures on human trafficking. The Unit recently held events in connection with the Blue Heart Campaign, and they used the occasion to talk about the components of crime and the ways that Ministries may work together to eliminate it and offer the best support and protection to victims. Through these gatherings, discussions of a transnational nature were also held with the participation of diplomats from embassies based in Malta and guest speakers from the UNODC and GRETA. More information may be obtained here​.