Anti-Human Trafficking Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC)

An Anti-Human Trafficking Inter-Ministerial Committee has been set up with focal points from each Ministry in order to identify and implement measurable actions within their purview and collaborating on shared challenges. The committee will explore ways how ministries and departments could improve their coordination in the field of trafficking in human beings: it will also serve as an essential tool for Malta’s efforts to meet its coordination, reporting and monitoring obligations under European and international frameworks. The Committee is also serving the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) project being implemented in collaboration with the European Commission and the Council of Europe to set-up the relevant tools and structures and launch the National Strategy and Action Plan on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in Malta (2024-2028)​.

The validation process of the draft national THB Strategy and NAP 2024-2028 document was coordinated through the IMC to ensure its endorsement by all Ministries, departments, authorities and entities.

Following the validation by the Office of the Prime Minister and all Ministries, the IMC shall seek the approval of the HTMC, prior to proceeding with the drafting of a Cabinet Memo for the approval of the National THB Strategy and NAP (2024-2028) by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ex Officio Members​
Terms of Reference


The National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking must be an independent monitoring mechanism for the implementation of national obligations by State institutions.

In exercising its functions, it must ensure that the national coordination body seeks the cooperation of the civil society, the research community and relevant stakeholders within the Government and private sector for the carrying out of assessments of trends, the measuring of results of anti-trafficking actions, the gathering of data and statistics, and reporting to national and international organisations.​

A technical Working Group on Criminal Justice and Legislative Amendments has been set up in June 2023 composed of IMC Members and Legal Officers from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Security, Reforms & Equality, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the necessary legislative amendments in fulfilment of the Budgetary and Manifesto Measure and the recommendations to Malta by the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings of the Council of Europe (GRETA) concerning Malta's obligation to combat human trafficking as a State Member to the Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings.​

CJLA Working Group​