Cannabis Bill

​On 30 March 2021, Prime ​Minister Robert Abela has launched the White Paper ‘Towards the Strengthening of the Legal Framework on the Responsible Use of Cannabis’. The White Paper proposes:

  • Legal adult possession for personal use increased from 3.5 grams to 7 grams.
  • Possession of more than 7 grams but less than 28 grams for personal use will be subject to a fine before a drugs tribunal.
  • Personal possession of cannabis will no longer be an arrestable offence and anyone caught with such amounts will not be interrogated by the police (unless a reasonable suspicion of trafficking, sale, import or export by that person arises).
  • Individuals can grow up to four cannabis plants for personal use at home, provided the plants cannot be seen from outside their home.
  • Anyone with a criminal record of simple cannabis possession will have their record restored.
  • Cannabis consumption will be forbidden in public spaces, subject to an administrative fine of €233.33.
  • Creating a legal way in which users can buy cannabis bud and seeds.
  • Setting up of a dedicated Cannabis Authority.
  • Educational campaigns and training based on scientific facts.

​On 6th October 2021, Minister Dr. Owen Bonnici has launched the details of a new legislative framework that will lead to a full and strong reform on the responsible use of cannabis. This reform is based on 20 points of change, will see, among other things, that people who use cannabis in small amounts will no longer suffer the humiliation of arrest and court proceedings, it will give the possibility of cultivating four cannabis plants in private homes for personal use, and create a regularised source from which a person can obtain cannabis and cannabis seeds.

Press Release on the legislative framework for the responsible use of cannabis

Press Conference on the Cannabis Reform Bill

Press Conference on the Cannabis Reform Bill (full video)

Minister Owen Bonnici discussing the Reform​

On Tuesday 14th December 2021, the Parliament approved the Cannabis bill no. 241. The Bill consists of the establishment of the Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis and of the limited decriminalisation of certain cannabis related activities for the purpose of allowing for a balance between individual freedom in the limited and responsible personal use of cannabis and other social requirements.

As per Act No. LXVI of 2021 dated 18th December 2021, the following provisions shall come into place:

  • The establishment of the Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis which shall be responsible to regulate the use of cannabis, and to implement harm reduction from the use of cannabis.
  • A person who has been convicted of an offence related to cannabis may request to de-register such conviction from his criminal record.
  • A person over the age of eighteen years who is found in possession of an amount not exceeding 7 grams for personal use, shall not constitute an offence.
  • A person over the age of eighteen years who cultivates up to four plants of the drug cannabis, and is found in possession of not more than 50 grams of dried cannabis for personal use within the residential address appearing on an official document showing his place of residence (not visible by the public), shall not constitute an offence.
  • An individual may be a member of an organisation, the only purpose of which being the cultivation of the plant cannabis exclusively for the distribution among its members for their own personal use.