About the Human Rights Initiatives Unit

The Human Rights Initiatives Unit (HRIU) was set-up in 2020 and has been tasked with managing the Anti-Human Trafficking reform. 
The HRIU coordinated the implementation of the National Action Plan on Human Trafficking (2020-2023) and enabled the drafting of the first National Strategy and new Action Plan on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in Malta 2024-2030 through initiatives which included consulting the relevant stakeholders, gathering of information, drafting of policy proposals, streamlining existing structures and services, and national awareness raising initiatives amongst others. These initiatives were developed to combat the crime of Human Trafficking through a multi-agency approach. 

A Project Management and Communication Plan was drawn by the HRIU Senior Manager and presented to the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings, Valiant Richey, during a visit in Malta in January 2022.  

Since then, the HRIU has undertaken national anti-human trafficking initiatives and managed to improve the coordination of current national processes and take an active approach in fighting trafficking in all its forms.

The 2022 Annual Report​ includes the setting up of the national coordination, reporting, evaluation and monitoring and awareness raising undertaken by the HRIU in the fight against the crime of human trafficking.

The HRIU is leading the national mechanisms, such as the Anti-Human Trafficking Inter-Ministerial Committee and Human Trafficking Monitoring Committee, managing national and EU projects and acting as national coordinating body of stakeholders responsible to combat human trafficking.