​In 2022, Malta launched its first Gender Equality and Mainstreaming Strategy & Action Plan (GEMSAP) 2022 – 2027.  GEMSAP recognises that society cannot reach its full potential without allowing each and every person to thrive equally, without gender-based obstacles. This Strategy therefore aims to identify and eradicate those obstacles by strengthening the gender perspective at all levels and stages of policy making.

GEMSAP focuses on eight strategic objectives:

  1. ​Strengthening of Institutional Mechanisms for Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality
  2. Guarantee equal access to employment in all sectors, combat segregation and ensuring Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
  3. Enhancing women’s economic independence
  4. Strengthening the principle of gender equality & mainstreaming in the education system and challenging gender stereotypes
  5. Promoting co-responsibility and balance of work, private and family life
  6. Achieving gender balance in political and public decision making
  7. Promoting gender equality in social wellbeing and healthcare policies
  8. Eliminate gender imbalance in the field of justice by addressing gender bias and gender stereotypes

More information on GEMSAP can be found here​.

An inter-Ministerial Committee was set up in the beginning of the year, as this Action Plan needs to be implemented by all Ministries. The Human Rights Directorate is the coordinating and monitoring body.