About Us

The Human Rights Directorate (HRD), under the Ministry of Justice, Equality and Governance (MJEG), was set up with the aim of reaching goals in the areas of civil liberties, equality and non-discrimination, as well as the integration of migrants.

It was initially set up under the name of Human Rights and Integration Directorate (HRID) in November 2015 to provide assistance to the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties (MSDC). 

fter the general election of May 2017, the Directorate was incorporated into the Ministry for European Affairs & Equality (MEAE) and later in January of 2020, moved to form part of the Ministry for Justice, Equality and Governance.
As of March 2020, the Directorate changed name to be referred as the Human Rights Directorate (HRD), while still holding on of all its prior remits.

The Human Rights Directorate is comprised of the following Units: